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The Stick Arounds are a band forged on a foundation of harmony, grit, melody and crunch. Formed ten years ago, by a group of veteran Lansing musicians, The Stick Arounds have built an audience from the ground up with powerful live shows that have drawn comparisons to Guided By Voices, Teenage Fanclub, Sloan, The Replacements, and Big Star. This combination of experience and shared vision has resulted in a prolific period over the last three years that has seen the release of two full length LPs and a half dozen singles, with still more on the way in 2019. 

2016 saw the release of ‘Mystery Garage’, the band’s first album, which was recorded live over two nights in 2015. Releasing a debut record of live originals might seem an audacious act, but it was the perfect way to capture the urgency and energy of that first batch of songs and stands as a unique way to introduce a band to the world at large.

‘Ways To Hang On’, the second LP, is a pristine studio accomplishment. The album embraces the talents and differing styles of the band’s two primary songwriters and features fleshed out arrangements that emboldens the songs without weakening their punch. The result is a powerhouse collection of ten rollicking power pop gems filled with harmonies, crunch, bombast and hooks. 


On the heels of ‘Ways To Hang On’, the band began an ambitious project for 2019. The Hot Singles Club - yep, that is really what it’s called - sees the band release a new single every month that fans would be able to download for FREE. The project is another way to showcase the musicianship and songwriting diversity of the Sticks, while also allowing for a chance to record high quality versions of a pair of cover songs and give studio treatment to a pair of songs on the first live record. 

The Stick Arounds sport a signature three guitar attack that is equal parts crunch and jangle, a pounding rhythm section and stacked vocal harmonies that would give the Wilson brothers something to smile about. In short, they’re a power pop band for a new century. 

Contact: Matt Carlson |

Matt Carlson: vocals/guitar/keys
Jeff Gower: vocals/guitar
Joel Kuiper: drums
Jason Lantrip: guitar/vocals
Ian Walker: bass guitar





One of the hallmarks of The Stick Arounds is the poster design that Matt does for almost all of the band’s shows. Here is just a taste of some of our show posters.