hot singles club - MAY 2019

a free monthly singles series
from your beloved Stick Arounds.


Pete Townsend once famously quipped that a pop song should be “Two minutes, fifty seconds!” The Sticks couldn’t agree more.

In just 170 seconds total, the new single packs a lot twists and turns; there’s a pre-chorus, a backing vocal driven bridge section and even a fade out coda at the end. The economy of it is impressive in itself. Add to that the charm of a lyric centers around to ne’er do well runaways, Kernel pounding out a Moe Tucker-eque floor tom beat and a bevy of tight harmony vocals and you have, what we like to think, is one of helluva way to spend 2:50.

You can get your copy for FREE right now for a limited time. Go get some.

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