hot singles club - september 2019

a free monthly singles series
from your beloved Stick Arounds.


This month in the Hot Singles Club is the second cover song of the year.

‘Gene Autry’ is a song named for the country music pioneer. Born in Texas, Gene Autry moved to California in the 1950s, and lived there until his death in 1998.

Is the song really about him? We don’t know, but it’s a classic indie rock (and dare we say indie pop?) tune from the early 2000s.

Released by the Elephant 6 band Beulah in 2001 just a few short years before they crumbled and completely dissolved while on tour. The demise of the band is chronicled in the wonderful and tragic 2005 documentary, ‘A Good Band is Easy to Kill’.

While not exactly a typical Sticks tune, we thought it showcased our love of beautiful melodies, harmonies, and as always, a great song. In that sense, we think the Singing Cowboy would approve.

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