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the stick arounds
ways to hang on

By the time most band members average 45 years old, they're starting to wind things down. They've had a good run and might still be playing, but they're not usually making the best work of their lives.

Not the guys in The Stick Arounds.

Every member of the Sticks has played in bands for more than 15 years, some as many as 30. At a time when most musicians would be packing it in, The Stick Arounds have further elevated their unique brand of power pop. Their new LP 'Ways To Hang On' sports the Stick Arounds' signature triple guitar attack that is equal parts crunch and jangle; and stacked vocal harmonies that would give the Wilson brothers something to smile about. The Sticks' songwriting duo of Matt Carlson and Jeff Gower are found here trading each other song for song like punches in a 10 round prizefight, crafting some of the catchiest and most rambunctious songs to come out of the midwest since The Replacements were at their peak.

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Ways To Hang On is out on Oct. 26, 2018

on Vinyl, CD and MP3 via GTG Records.

Matt Carlson: vocals/guitar/keys
Jeff Gower: vocals/guitar
Joel Kuiper: drums
Jason Lantrip: guitar/vocals
Ian Walker: bass guitar

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